10 Books for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day fast upon us, I thought I’d share my top ten flower-filled books! I’ve selected books that are visually stunning, well written, provide inspiration, and are a beautiful addition to any coffee table. It goes without saying that I also own each of these books and have recommended them over the years. 

Life in the Studio: Inspiration and Lessons on Creativity | Frances Palmer
This book has it all and is my number one recommendation for Mother’s Day. While Frances shares her story of pottery, gardening, photography, flowers, and cooking, at the core is the message of creativity.
Containers in the Garden | Claus Dalby
Clay pots, patina, monochromatic colour schemes, texture, colour, foliage…if this speaks to you, then you’ll absolutely love Claus Dalby’s take on the garden. The photos are stunning and capture a style truly his own.
Discovering Dahlias | Erin Benzakein
Everything you need to know about growing and appreciating dahlias all in one place! Erin’s information is easy to follow and gives readers a glance into cultivating these gorgeous flowers.
Cut Flower Farm | Erin Benzakein
A practical and stunning guide to planning, growing, and cultivating flowers throughout the seasons. You’ll learn techniques, have an introduction to tools of the trade, and be inspired by seasonal projects.
Dahlias: Beautiful Varieties for Home & Garden | Naomi Slade
This beautifully photographed book offers a visual journey through forms, colours, and sizes. Perfect inspiration for someone who enjoys drawing or painting. Although this book offers information on dahlias, it’s all about the photos here.
In Bloom | Clare Nolan
This read is a wealth of information if you’re interested in developing a flower garden. It’s not overwhelming and is accompanied by beautiful photography. Much more than a coffee table book with so much practical advice.
Growing Wonder: A Flower Farmer’s Guide to Roses | Felicia Alvarez
This cleverly designed book provides a rose primer, gallery organized by colour, as well as information about planting, care, and harvest. A gem for the rose enthusiast!
Cultivated | Christin Geall
Floral style is explored within the stunning pages of this book. Part two explores colour theory and introduces the reader to a variety of colour schemes guiding floral design.
A Year Full of Flowers | Sarah Raven
Sarah Raven takes the reader through a year of gardening and flowers at Perch Hill, where she transformed an old dairy farm into 90 acres of organic growing. If you have a passion for English gardens, you’ll have a deep appreciation for Sarah’s journey.
Blooms & Dreams | Misha Gillingham
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, Misha’s garden at Evergreen Acres Farm will speak to you. Flower harvest images are drool worthy and her design style brings every corner of the farm to life.